Chris Cosma Shirley Verrette at The Yard
Dec 30

Chris Cosma Shirley Verrette at The Yard

  • The Yard


by Shirley Verrette    

For 17 years, I’ve divided my time between the U.S. and Turkey. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel extensively. Living in two diverse cultures and experiencing others through travel have provided rich visual imagery for my work.

My gouache series of the last ten years, entitled “Threads”, includes elements from art, literature, and world culture. What seems diverse is seamlessly fused into dynamic story-telling compositions.         

“Threads”, tells the stories of how diverse peoples, places and times converge.


Paintings by Chris Cosma

This series of paintings explores direct imprinting of objects, sites and actions into canvas, recording views from under, above, within and over time.

Nov 13

2nd Annual Hand Pulled Prints: The Current Practice in Printmaking

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 6-9PM

Exhibition Juried by Kathy Caraccio

Gail Flannery


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