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Small & Smaller

Sep 20, 2019 – Oct 20, 2019

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Artists are not often asked to think small. In recent decades, the unbridled growth of the art market has found its correlate in the unbridled growth artworks themselves. From massive sculptural constructions, to immersive installations, to giant canvases, the small, delicate, and pared down seems to have little place. However, something is lost when there is little space for works that, through the intimation and surprise of details, manage to confound the viewer’s expectations.

In an attempt to open up this space, Small and Smaller has asked artists to go in the opposite direction and to think about the intimacy and beauty of art that explores space, color, and form on a miniature scale. Much of the work is process oriented, using finely apportioned materials, and careful methods, pushing back on the viewer’s impulse to constantly search for the bigger picture. Smallness makes different demands on the artist as well — every aspect must be handled with care and deliberation, more often than not indexing, rather than effacing, the artist’s hand. Heather Bandari's selection traverses across media, subject matter, style, and form. They demand and repay the viewer’s close attention, slowly disclosing unexpected and delightful details.

About the Juror:
Heather Darcy Bhandari is an independent curator, lecturer at Brown University, and a consultant to several for-profit and nonprofit arts institutions. The second edition of her book, ART/WORK, was published by Simon and Schuster. She was a director of Mixed Greens Gallery, curating over 100 exhibitions.

Soulaf Abas, Aurora Abzug, Denise Alexander, Jasmine Alleger, Kim Anderson, Kim Anderson, Dave Armstrong, Kate Bae, Steffani Bailey, Alexandra Basford, Debbie Baxter, A.M. Benz, Marsha Biderman, Joyce Billet, Natalie Birinyi, Lesley Bodzy, John Boone, Lauren Brady, Mills Brown, Ashlynn Browning, Edward Cabral, Jaye Cardinal, Monica Carroll, Eileen Chang, Tiberiu Chelcea, Stephanie Cheng, John Chinn, Karen Clark, Nicole Cochary, Michelle Conley-Harada, Patrick Coughlin, Matt Curley, Peter Dellert, Jennifer Deppe Parker, Luz Mariel Donahue, Gabrielle Doolan, Muriel Eden-Paul, Laurie Felber, Elaine Florimonte, Michele Foyer, Tracey Franklin, Caryn Friedlander, Emily Giarrano, Brian Harper, Muyuan He, Regan Henley, Ryan Hoskins, Matt Hufford, Lindsay Iredale, Laurel Izard, Laura James, Teresa Johnson, Todd Johnson, Erin Juliana, Katie Kameen. Elaine Kinnaird, JJ L'Heureux, Marco Lando, Lori Lankford, Christopher M. Lavery, Leslie Lew, Yijia Li, Junyi Liu, Annell Livingston, Caui Lofgren, Janet Lucroy, Alexa Luna, Peter Macapia, Susan Maller, Catherine Malloy, Christopher Manning, Ezra Mara, Gail Martinez, Martha Maunder, Shannon McBride, Alyssa McClenaghan, Meridith McNeal, Benjamin McVey, Michele Messenger, Claudine Metrick, Michelle Michelle, Edward Mills, Marilyn Mitchell, Kyoko Miyabe, Orianna Montenegro, Miriam Morsel Nathan, Chelsea Nader, Angie Nam, Andrew Norquist, Bridget O'Rourke, Jean Oh, Michael Okum, Anne Osherson, Nicole Parker, James Perrin, Colleen Pike-Blair, Christopher Plunkett, Judy Polstra, Jeanne C Potter, Diane Pribojan, Jonathan Price, DeAnn Prosia, Brigitte Radecki, Manda Remmen, Lingfei Ren, Luna Renee, Stephen Reynolds, Stephanie Robison, David Rockwell, Alexander Romero, Rosalynn Rosalynn, Mojgan Saberi, Hasna Sal, Christopher Schade, Felipe Seixas, Mimi Sheiner, Jennifer Sheriff, Jennifer Small, Mallory Smith, Ericka Sobrack, Angela Sohn-Lee, Jose Spencer, Andra Stanton, Edward Steffanni, Louise Stivers, Laurinda Stockwell, Traci Stover, Cody TheCreative, Jean Tock, Austin Turley Gail Vachon, Hans van Meeuwen, Nikki Vismara, Vita Vita, Catherine Walker, Jane Walker, Patrick Wilson, Angie Zielinski