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“FACE IT” The Face in Contemporary Art

Breaking free from its traditional constraints, portraiture offers something more than the tastefully composed and skillfully executed representations of a subject.

The exhibition highlights work that seeks to capture the distinct, unusual, symbolic, and expressive features of the human face—work that is made in an imaginative and compelling way.

Portraiture continually insists that the human face, or at least our perception of it, can be captured, constructed, and presented. At its best, it makes the familiar distinct and the distinct familiar.Face it explicitly sought out work that rendered human lineaments in a distinct and powerful way.

This show introduces a vivid selection of portraits, reflecting an unusually wide range of perspectives and experiences, manifest in a number of mediums. Juried by Annette Rose-Shapiro, the editor of ARTNews one of America’s foremost art magazines,Face It gathers some of the most innovative and beautiful work from around the country.


Exhibition Juried By Annette Rose-Shapiro

Keke Brown, August Burns, Betsy Bauer, Josepha Gutelius, Bryn Jays, Gayle Madeira, Michael Manente, Ann Piper, Tracy Bader, Justin Robinson, Jacqueline Tchakalian, Andre Veloux, Lisa Whittington, Daryl Zang, Donna Festa, Nayda Cuevas, Blake Conroy, Katherine Colborn, Lyle Kleinhans, Hollis Erickson, Brent Nakamoto ,Carolyn Cohen, Caroline Blum, Janet Boltax, Megan Foldenauer, Jack Rosenberg, Katrie Bonanno, Elizabeth Knowles, Rosy Aronson, Peggy Blei Hracho, Wook Hee Choo, Jo Hamilton, Lindsey Dunnagan, François Georget, Bao Hoang, Susan Case, Nicole Finger, Katherine McMahon, Leigh Cunningham, Matina Marki Tillman,Grant McGean, Neil Shigley, Brian Pannier, Jan Branham, Myra Eastman, Lizi Brown, Wendy Hansen, Ruth Miller, Maureen Bennett, Marisa Adesman, E. Thurston Belmer, Ryan Weatherly, Marc Addison Brown, Lauren Childs, Laurie Giangregorio, Colin Ferguson, Liz Adams-Jones, Brian DiNicola, Kristy Gordon, Elena Peteva


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