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Drawing Breath

Jed Miner

American artist Jed Miner will present a series of drawings and a performance at Site:Brooklyn, opening on September 27 at 5:00 pm. This exhibition will showcase the artist’s visual and graphic explorations of intentionality, control, and the agency of the human body vis-à-vis artistic creation. This show is in connection with Miner’s current exhibition at the Governors Island Art Festival.

His work synthesizes Boolean Algebra, ancient Chinese calligraphy, free jazz, and the modernist poetry of Ezra Pound. More particularly, Miner has explored the idea of motif as an abstract symbolic system, which after a certain point, may take on its own visual life. His abstract calligraphic works are auto-generative, based on the idea that artistic intelligence arises, or emerges organically from a multitude of perspectives. 

Somewhat paradoxically, Miner’s work is also procedural: it unfolds with a logical and even mathematic formality. Each decision has the cumulative force of all previous decisions. Using a combination of pencil, watercolor, ink and paper, Miner’s paintings fruitfully engage with negative space and the artists’ compulsion to fill it. Each piece its colors, forms-- has an idiosyncratic relationship with the blank page, though viewed as a series; there is definitive continuity of method.

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