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Mixed Media

Nov 16, 2018 – Dec 15, 2018

John Haubrich,  In the Garden

John Haubrich, In the Garden

At its most basic, mixed media denotes a conjugation of materials and forms. In this sense it has been practiced since antiquity, where Hellenistic sculpture was carefully adorned with rich swaths of colored paint. However, it was not until the avant-garde of the 20th century, after such artists as Pablo Picasso, Kurt Schwitters, and Marcel Duchamp, that mixed-media took on an independent, self-conscious life. In the postwar era, a diverse range of artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Arman, Alberto Burri, Jasper Johns, Jo Baer, Frank Stella synthesized European Modernism with American folk art, trompe l’oeil painting with Dada. Fluxus, Pop-art, Neo-conceptualism and other movements, in their own way, used mixed media to throw off the constraints of distinct mediums, freely combining found materials, sculpture, paint, and experiments with canvas and surface.

This show, which gathers work from a select number of artists around the country, attends to the continuing desire to reimagine our received categories. From sharp political commentary to expressive investigations into form and material, each one of the select works provides insight into the fluctuating borders and suggestive connections of artistic practice.

About the Juror:
Gracie Mansion is an independent art consultant, curator, and advisor to individuals, museums, and corporations. She was a pioneer in the East Village, opening up her first gallery in the bathroom of her apartment in 1982. She continued to exhibit contemporary art in her galleries in the East Village, SoHo, and Chelsea. Ms. Mansion also served on the art advisory committee for Artnet, The New School for Social Research and ArtTable. She currently is a member of the Board of Directors of the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York and Venice, Italy and the Feature Hudson Foundation in New York. She is an author, lecturer and juror at educational institutions and museums worldwide.

Marie-Ange Ackad, Kayo Albert, Laura Aloha-Young, Allan Bealy, Martin Beck, David Bender, Michele Brody, Ashley Busby, Tristyn Bustamante, Edmond Caputo, Marie France Cournoyer, Jonas Criscoe, Matt Drissell, Donise English, Kim Faler, Lisa Federici, Danielle Feldhaker, Haleh Fotowat, Leslee Fraser, Sarah Friedman, Rich Garr, Elizabeth Gignilliat, Syd Glasser, Mikhail Gubin, John Haubrich, Evan Ishmael, Noah Kashiani, Un Jung Lee, Allison Levy, Emilio Maldonado, Daniel Marin, Edward Mills, Rene Molineaux, Susan Newmark Margot Nimiroski, Linda O’Neill, Senem Oezdogan, Francisco Palomares, Hannah Pasedag, Lena Moffet, Ann Porter, Russell Prigodich, Marissa Raglin, Edie Read, Evie Richner, Lorraine Rilling, Anna Rindos, Roberta Rousos, Amy Schissel, Samantha Simpson, Suzanne Stroebe, Caron Tabb, Rhonda Urdang, Yifei Wu, Lorraine Rilling, Sasha Zhitneva