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Green is a complex color: a symbol of life, luck, and hope, but also disorder and greed. Until recently, green was a challenging color to produce. Not surprisingly, the color has been associated with all that is fluid and changing: childhood, love, and money. It was during the Romantic period green became the color of the natural environment. What does green mean today? Site:Brooklyn is looking for work, across all mediums and utilizing all processes, which engage with green.

Juried by:
Eva Díaz


Drawing has been radically transformed in the last 100 years, as countless artists reimagined the traditional concepts of drawing and expanded the medium's definition beyond gesture and form. This expanded definition included mark-making that ventured off the paper, into multimedia, film, sculpture and much else. However, in recent years, many artists have returned to a more gestural and representational mode….

Juried by:
Olga Valle Tetkowski